2021 Week 16 Steelers Vs Chiefs Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

Groundhog day for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first half, as the offense was unable to put up any points. The defense was good at limiting big plays until the end of the 2nd quarter, where Derrick Gore received the pass from Patrick Mahomes and ran for 50 yards to set up a score late in the half.

Down 23-0, and with the Kansas City Chiefs receiving the ball at the top of the half, the Steelers’ chances are quickly waning.

Najee Harris has 9 tackles in the first half. He had 14 last week, and that was a ton. He is on pace to break that sometime in the 3rd quarter. Minkah Fitzpatrick is currently the only thing giving the defense a chance. TJ Watt’s ribs are clearly hurting and Cam Heyward cannot carry the entire defensive line.

The kickoff resulted in a touchback to start the 2nd half. On 1st down, Edwards-Helaire ran for 7 yards. On 2nd and 3, Isaiahh Loudermilk made the stop after two yards on the ground for Edwards-Helaire. The Chiefs were called for illegal formation prior to 3rd down, so it will be 3rd and 6 rather than 3rd and 1. The 3rd down pass was deep intended for Mecole Hardman, but it fell incomplete.

Edwards-Helaire appears to be hurting on the sidelines after Loudermilk put his full body weight square on his shoulders.

The replacement punter for the Chiefs punted for 41 yards to the Steelers’ 30 yard line.

Najee Harris off left end for 8 yards on 1st down. Diontae Johnson was switching hands and his thigh hit the ball after a short completion on 2nd. The ball popped out with no contact and the Chiefs recovered. The Chiefs get the ball at the 50 yard line.

On 1st, Williams ran to the left for 6 yards. Mahomes complete to Robinson on 2nd for another 6 yards and a 1st down.

Williams up the middle on 1st down for 3 yards. Mecole Hardman with a catch-and-run for 9 yards.

Williams ran up the middle on 1st down again, this time for 8 yards. Williams again on 2nd for 3 yards and a 1st down.

On 1st, Patrick Mahomes hit Pringle who spun off multiple tackles and into the end zone for 16 yards. 31-0 Chiefs.

The kickoff resulted in a touchback, nearly went out of bounds which would have been a nice break for the Steelers.

Najee Harris got the ball on 1st down and ran up the middle for 3 yards. Ben Roethlisberger complete to Ray-Ray McCloud on the next play for 17 yards.

Najee Harris leapt over a defender to pick up the first down. A great effort by him on the play, though he could have put his foot in the ground and turned up field for probably the same result.

Chase Claypool got involved on 1st down, catching a pass for 6 yards. Bennie Snell ran for a first down on 2nd down, but Kendrick Green was called for a hold. Najee Harris went for just 4 yards on 2nd and 14. Najee delivered a physical stiff arm at the end of the run. Roethlisberger incomplete to Diontae Johnson on 3rd, but offsides on the Chiefs gives the Steelers a second chance. The penalty bails out a Diontae Johnson drop. Ray-Ray McCloud caught the pass for the 1st down, but he got up and was called for taunting on the play.

The 1st down holds up, but the team moves backwards. On 1st, Najee Harris up the middle for 6 yards. Ben tried deep downfield to Chase Claypool, but he couldn’t get both hands up in time. On 3rd and 4, Ben incomplete short to Najee Harris. Harris couldn’t get his head around in time. Ben went deep to Chase Claypool. Incomplete, but two penalties on the defense. Pass interference moves the Steelers to the 11 yard line.

On 1st and 10, Ben incomplete to Diontae Johnson, but it was behind him.  On 2nd and 10, Ben incomplete to Ray-Ray McCloud. Off-target again by Ben. On 3rd and 10, Najee Harris ran a route out of the backfield, but Ben missed him. Najee didn’t look like he located the ball. If he did, he could have maybe forced a DPI. Chris Boswell field goal is good. 30-3 Chiefs.

The kickoff results in a touchback.

Derrick Gore got the ball on 1st down, up the middle for 10 yards. Gore taking over another drive, with 27 yards on his first 4 runs.

Williams got the ball on 2nd and 3, tackled for a gain of 2. 3rd and short, Williams for 7 yards with a huge hole to run through.


The Steelers have been great in the 4th quarter recently. A turnover here is a must if the Steelers want to string anything together. Patrick Mahomes hasn’t been touched much so far, so forced mistakes will be hard to come by.

On 2nd and 6, Pringle caught the ball on the sidelines for 22 yards.

On the first two plays, Gore managed just one yard. On 3rd and 9, Mahomes was sacked by Cameron Heyward for a loss of 4. The replacement kicker will be called on for a relatively easy chip shot. The field goal is good. 33-3 Chiefs.

TJ Watt getting chipped hard by the Chiefs. They know he is hurting from the rib injury. It might be time to sit Watt and let him heal for next week.

McCloud returned the ball 29 yards to the 30 yard line. Ben Roethlisberger fumbled the ball on a fake reverse. The defender came right up the middle. Kendrick Green made the tackle. Might have been his guy that caused the fumble.

The Chiefs pulled Mahomes. Chad Henne fumbled on 1st and 2nd down, but Chiefs recovered. On 3rd down Williams ran for just 1 yard. Field goal is good. 36-3 Chiefs.

Najee Harris ran up the middle on 1st down for 3 yards. Najee got the ball on 2nd and 3rd for 12 yards. The Steelers are starting to pull offensive linemen. They rarely pull players in blowout losses. Tomlin recognizes the team is in bad shape and beat up right now.

Benny Snell ran the ball for 13 yards on the next two plays. Roethlisberger complete to Diontae Johnson on 1st down for two yards. Benny Snell off right end for 4 yards on 2nd. 3rd and 4, Ben complete to Johnson for 5 yards and a fresh set of downs.

Najee Harris takes the team near the red zone with an 11 yard rush. Ben Roethlisberger took a deep shot to Johnson on 1st down, but it was overthrown. Johnson was open in the end zone.

It looked like Tomlin had pulled players with no chance to win, but on second thought it was a benching of Kendrick Green and Trai Turner.

Diontae Johnson had an excellent route and went into the end zone untouched for 15 yards. 36-10 Chiefs.

Derrick Gore ran for 5 yards on 1st down. Mike Tomlin called their first timeout. Tomlin doesn’t give up. Silly me for thinking so earlier.

Gore ran two more times and Tomlin called a timeout. 3rd and 6 after the stoppage. Tomlin called one more timeout to stop the clock at 2:28. The punt was returned 7 yards.

Mason Rudolph coming out on the field. Complete to Kevin Rader for 7 yards on 1st down. Why choose now to pull players and not last drive?


Cody White caught the Rudolph pass on 2nd down for 4 yards and a first down. On 1st, Rudolph incomplete to Kevin Rader. Rader was hit has he tried to catch and the pass was broken up.

On 4th down, Zach Gentry converted. Would have been nice to include him throughout the game. Mason Rudolph spiked the ball to stop the clock with 00:08 remaining.

On 2nd down, Rudolph complete to Zach Gentry for 12 yards.

The Steelers fall to 7-7-1.


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