2021 Week 5 Steelers Vs Broncos Live Update And Discussion Thread – First Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers will host the Denver Broncos in just under an hour from now in what could be a pivotal game for the Steelers. As it stands, the difference between 1-4 and 2-3 seems night and day. Players and coaches have maintained that there is no need to panic. There were some things to build on from last week’s loss, so look for the offensive line and Najee Harris to continue to gel.

Meanwhile, the defense is set to gather a couple important data points this week as Cam Sutton is out with a groin injury. The Steelers called up Karl Joseph from the practice squad, so it will be interesting to see the rotation at both outside corner and in the slot.

Another interesting position to watch is right and left tackle. Zach Banner was not activated off the injured reserve list, but Chuks Okorafor is returning from his concussion. Will Joe Haeg stay at right tackle after a solid performance last week? Something tells me there will be several different iterations of tackle pairings before season’s end.

As always, be sure to refresh this page throughout the game to get all of the latest updates and interesting tweets curated for you. Also, check out the comments section where many fans gather each week to discuss the game.

Steelers Inactive Players

DT Carlos Davis
CB Cameron Sutton
WR James Washington
QB Dwayne Haskins
ILB Buddy Johnson
CB Ahkello Witherspoon

Broncos Inactive Players

QB Brett Rypien
CB Ronald Darby
CB Kary Vincent Jr.
S Jamar Johnson
T Cam Fleming
DL McTelvin Agim

Perhaps Najee Harris can continue his positive trend in run success rates.

A message from Coach Cowher:

Steelers going back to a healthy Chuks. Interesting call, as Haeg played well last week and Chuks had been struggling.

The Broncos won the coin toss and deferred, so the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger will start the game out with the ball.

The Broncos kicked it short and Ray-Ray McCloud ran it back to about the 30 yard line. A holding on the play, so the Steelers will start inside their own 15 yard line.

After some nice runing by Najee Harris, they have 3rd and 1. Ben to Chase Claypool on an out route caught and ran up the sideline for a 23 yard gain. The Steelers near the midfield mark.

Juju Smith-Schuster getting a carry on 1st, picking up 2 yards. Benny Snell was in for Najee on 2nd down. Ben checked down for him, the throw was perfect and Snell could have gotten 3rd and short. Snell dropped the pass.

Ben Roethlisberger launched the ball deep on 3rd and long. A nice lofty pass that dropped right into Diontae Johnson’s hands as he raced to the endzone! 7-0 Steelers.

The crowd is in this game, for maybe the first time all season at Heinz Field. A false start forced on the Broncos offense.

TJ Watt did a quick shed of the blocker on 1st down and tackled Melvin Gordon at the line of scrimmage from behind. 2nd and 14 now.

Another one for Watt as he came from the opposite side of the play to chase down the running back for a short gain. 3rd and 9. This would be a picture perfect start if a 3-and-out is forced.

Minkah Fitzpatrick and Terrell Edmunds came downhill to tackle the catch and force the punt.

Najee Harris with another nice run on 2nd down to set up 3rd and short. Ben threw to Pat Freiermuth in a tight window on a hook route. Another converted 3rd down.

Ray-Ray McCloud saved an interception as the ball was deflected and nearly picked off by defensive lineman Purcell. McCloud drilled him and forced an incompletion. 2nd and 10 now.

Another 7 yard run for Najee to set up 3rd and short. The offense is working right now!

Ben hit Eric Ebron and targeted him beyond the sticks on 3rd and short. Ebron did not drop the ball and the Steelers have a fresh set of down.

Najee Harris up the middle after a high snap and he picked up 5 for another first down. Najee Harris is well on his way to his first 100 yard rushing day.

Kalen Ballage checking into the game, he was stacked up near the line of scrimmage for a short gain. 2nd and 13 after the false start and failed run.

Ben held the ball a little too long and Dan Moore Jr’s man came all the way around for the strip sack on Ben. Recovered by the Broncos. Ben favoring his throwing arm or ribs potentially. A hard hit on him. Hopefully that doesn’t shake his rhythm the rest of the game.

Noah Fant was tasked with blocking TJ Watt who made him look silly and got into the backfield for a huge tackle for loss. On 3rd and 12, the Broncos came up short and the field goal unit is coming out. Good sudden change defense after an unfortunate fumble.

The field goal is good. 7-3 Steelers.

Ben briefly went to the locker room and it looked like Mason Rudolph was coming in. Ben is back out there and Rudolph’s helmet is back off.

The kickoff went into the end zone for the touchback.

Gentry got the ball on a tight end screen and went for a first down. A nice play to open the drive. Najee Harris on 1st for another successful run and a gain of 4 on 1st and 10.


The Steelers with their 20th offensive play (to just 6 for Denver). Najee with yet another successful run. The offensive line is starting to click in the run blocking and Najee is also creating his own yards. An explosive run for Najee – a pickup of 21! So far he has 10 rushes for 65 yards. A sight for sore eyes.

Juju Smith-Schuster missed by Ben on 3rd and long. A 48 yard field goal attempt for Chris Boswell and its good. 10-3 Steelers.

Karl Joseph just checked in for his first snap on first down. Cameron Heyward batted the ball down on 2nd down to bring up 3rd and short. The ball fell incomplete. Courtland Sutton with a drop. Punt incoming.

Another penalty on special teams. Half the distance to the goal. Steelers starting deep in their own territory again. Defense doing its job. Special teams rough so far.

Chase Claypool streaking down the left sideline on 3rd and short. It would have been a tough catch, but he couldn’t haul it in. Surtain played some nice defense.

Pressley Harvin with a nice punt.

The defense is winning first down, so if the Steelers maintain a lead we should see the pass rush unleashed. 3rd and short here now after a nice pickup on the out route for the Broncos.

Javonte Williams for an explosive run. Noah Fant trapped Terrell Edmunds and Williams was off to the races. He was chased down, but tackled at the 1 yard line. Delay of game on Williams for spiking the ball in the end zone on a non touchdown. 1st and goal from the 7 yard line.

Two weeks in a row and Devin Bush has a nice sack coming mostly untouched. A nice blitz schemed up by Keith Butler. 3rd and goal now from the 17 yard line.

Bush had a chance there to both strip that ball and run it back for the touchdown, but a sack will do.

The defense came up big, and have forced the field goal attempt from the 11 yard line.

James Pierre said he is faster than his cousin, Lamar Jackson, and he proved it with that nice chase down on Javonte Williams to save the touchdown and force the field goal. 10-6 Steelers.

Juju Smith-Schuster just had a big collision with Kareem Jackson and Juju is in major pain on the sideline. Hopefully just a pinched nerve, but it doesn’t look great. Hoping for no collarbone or labrum injury.

Chase Claypool with an excellent catch and run. Von MIller in coverage. Claypool with a nice stiff arm down the sideline for a massive gain to put the Steelers in the red zone.

Najee Harris tackled at the line of scrimmage. Only his second unsuccessful run for him today.

Chuks Okorafor called for a false start, and the Steelers moving in the wrong direction. Called a timeout before this 2nd and 15 play. Penalty moved them to the 18 yard line.

Ben with the low throw intended for Najee. Nearly picked off, but dropped by the defender. Ben targeted Diontae Johnson in the endzone and it was incomplete. Pass Interference called on Kyle Fuller.

Najee Harris got the first attempt at the end zone. He was tackled at the line of scrimmage, maybe gained a couple inches. About a half yard to go.

Najee Harris went superman and dove over the pile for the touchdown. The extra point is good. 17-6 Steelers.

First down pass for Teddy Bridgewater on 1st down to Courtland Sutton. James Pierre wrapped up his ankles and was able to bring him down.

Sutton with another catch and he got out of bounds. The Broncos at around the midfield mark with 1:50 to go.

Arthur Maulet with good coverage on the incompletion. Two good coverage plays in a row for Maulet. That is nice to see.

Alex Highsmith forced the hold, but the Steelers declined the penalty to force the 4th down punt. The Steelers get the ball back with 1:31 and 2 timeouts.

A delayed handoff to Najee on first down. Diontae Johnson with the catch to pick up the first down and he got out of bounds, but a penalty brought it back. Najee Harris went off the right end and fought his way to a first down, but was unable to get out of bounds.

The Steelers called a timeout after a short Eric Ebron reception.

A loss of yardage on 2nd down for Harris, so he has 87 yards rushing at the half. A career high for him and well on his way to his first 100 yard day.


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