2021 Week 5 Steelers Vs Broncos Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking like a formidable team for the first time all season, as the offense is operating efficiently with a strong effort by Najee Harris so far. He has 87 yards rushing at the half and is well on track for his first 100 yard rushing day.

The defense is doing its part as well with a pair of big holds in unfavorable field position to force the field goal instead of a touchdown. The Steelers lead the Denver Broncos 17-6 at the half. The Broncos will get the ball to start the second half.


The Broncos with a pair of 1st down conversions on their first two plays of the half.

Devin Bush came in and nearly got another sack, instead got a big hit on Teddy Bridgewater, who just came back from a concussion. Bridgewater delivered a nice pass though for the first down. Broncos offense over across the 50 yard line.

Cameron Heyward batted the ball on 3rd down to force the punt. The Steelers will get the ball back up 11. A big opportunity for them to break this game wide open.

Najee Harris just crossed the 100 yard mark with a nice first down pickup on an 18 yard pickup. 112 yards, averaging 5.9 per carry.

This is Najee Harris’ breakout game. And look, with the running game succeeding, the pass game is able to be used effectively.

Ben Roethlisberger banged his hand off Najee Harris’ helmet and it looks like it hurt a bit. Ben now potentially dealing with a hip, pec, hand, and rib injury and he is playing the best football he has all year – feels like the good ole days.

Cody White dropped the ball on 2nd and 3. It wasn’t a great throw, but it went right between his hands. White was just signed to the 53 in the last couple days.

Pat Freiermuth got the conversion on a quick out route.

Now 3rd and 11, Ben threw deep to Ray-Ray McCloud. McCloud was open, but Ben was off target. Ben took another hit after the throw. Brutal for Ben.

Field goal attempt from 51 yards out. Boswell nailed it. Flag on the play. Personal foul. The defender used the line as a step ladder to try and block the field goal. Free first down for the Steelers and now in the red zone. Boswell robbed of the long field goal.

Najee Harris limping a bit, and stretched prior to the play. He gave the thumbs up, so hopefully he is fine. He is still in the game.

Najee Harris coming off the field now and getting his hamstring stretched by the training staff. A lot of work for the rookie today, so hopefully it is just some fatigue setting in with some cramps.

Ben with a rare deep pass to the center of the field in the end zone as Chase Claypool split the difference between three defensive backs. Touchdown! 24-6 Steelers.

This is now the most points the Steelers offense have scored on the season by a good margin and there is plenty of game left to go. Wonder if the Steelers play it safe with Najee, though it would be a bummer to see their prized first rounder miss out on closing out a blowout and wearing down the clock.

Henry Mondeaux in for the sack as he span into the backfield and wrapped up Teddy Bridgewater’s ankles.

Joe Schobert in for the tackle on 2nd and long to set up 3rd and 15. The pass was complete, but the defense rallied to the ball and stopped them five yards short. The Broncos lined up for a play to try and get the offsides, but the quarter is over.


Tim Patrick caught the ball on 4th down and made an athletic play reaching across the first down marker as he was tackled. 1st down for the Broncos.

Javonte Williams for another first down the next play. He is a hard man to bring down. Looks like Maurice Jones-Drew out there.

The Broncos tried a reverse on 1st down. Had plenty of blockers there, but Minkah Fitzpatrick streaked across the whole field to bring him down behind the line of scrimmage.

Incomplete on 2nd down, so now 3rd and 11. Broncos will likely go for it again regardless of the outcome of this play.

4th and short now after a gain of 9. Complete to Courtland Sutton down the field for a nice gain and a fresh set of downs. The Broncos are inside the 5 yard line. Minkah Fitzpatrick hit Sutton hard at the end of the play.

Devin Bush has a leg injury and is questionable to return. Robert Spillane in for him.

Isaiahh Loudermilk in for his first career sack. A holding call on the offense, but it was declined. 2nd and goal from the 13 yard line.

Teddy Bridgewater saw nothing there again and scrambled for a gain of 11. Now 3rd and goal from the 3 yard line. A play action pass with motion, and TJ Watt nearly in for the sack. Bridgewater had to throw the ball away. 4th and short. Bridgewater dropped back and hit a wide open running back in the flat. 24-13 Steelers.

A really nice drive for the Broncos on possession downs to keep the drive alive and ultimately score, but it killed 07:26 of clock in what is still a two possession game.

The other positive on that long drive is it hopefully gave Najee some time to work out his cramps.

Holding called on Kendrick Green. Najee Harris in some pain again, walking off to the sideline. Probably the last play we see from him today.

Benny Snell and Kalen Ballage will have to close out this game. Snell with a nice run off a toss to pickup 9 yards. 3rd and 7 now. Short pass to Ray-Ray McCloud tackled short to force the punt.

A nice punt by Pressley Harvin.

50 yard net punt for Harvin (62 through the air) and there was a missed block in the back that would have pinned them even deeper. Defense just needs nothing deep. If the Broncos score, ideally it eats up another 4-5 minutes of clock.

Teddy Bridgewater deep to Courtland Sutton for the touchdown. James Pierre was there, but Sutton had just enough room to dive and make the catch. The Broncos going for two in an attempt to make this a 3 point game. The 2pc failed. 24-19 Steelers.

Najee Harris still on the sideline. Benny Snell still out there. Snell for a short run on 2nd. Ben hit Diontae Johnson as he threw a dart and Johnson ran across the field for a gain of 22. Quick slant working because the offense as a whole is working. It isn’t as predictable.

Claypool with a big catch and run up the sideline. Claypool smart to slide instead of go out of bounds to keep the clock running.

Steelers in field goal range. Benny Snell missed his whole and tried to bounce it outside for a gain of 1, instead of about 3. Denver took a timeout.

Benny ran for about 4 yards to set up 3rd and 5. 2:40 remaining. Ben took the timeout with 2:39 remaining. 1 timeout remaining for each team.

A Benny Snell rush to eat up more clock. 4th and 1, and the Steelers will kick the field goal. A field goal here makes it an 8 point game, so the Steelers would be safe from any type of sudden loss.

The Broncos took their final timeout, so their offense will have just over two minutes and the two minute warning stoppage. The field goal is good. 27-19 Steelers.

Teddy Bridgewater’s pocket started collapse so he threw the ball away. The Broncos have no timeouts, so a smart move by him. Bridgewater to Tim Patrick over the middle for a gain of 22 yards. The clock is ticking to the two minute warning. Noah Fant with a gain of 6 and Minkah Fitzpatrick brought him down.

Javonte Williams for a gain of 9, but he couldn’t get out of bounds. Arthur Maulet saved an even bigger play from happening. Tre Norwood with the tackle on the catch, still in bounds. Clock to 1:14. Broncos at the 32. James Pierre had a chance at the game sealing interception, but dropped it.

3rd and 5, 1:03 remaining. A 23 yard pass from Bridgewater and the receiver got out of bounds with the toe drag. On the 9 yard line with 00:56.

Joe Haden batted the ball down in the end zone to save the touchdown. A short completion and the receiver stayed inbounds. 00:20 remaining on 3rd down. Terrell Edmunds with some clean coverage. Defense playing big here.

4th down, and James Pierre with the interception in the end zone. Couldn’t get it 3 plays earlier, but he got it there. Game over! The Steelers advance to 2-3.

That was a sensational goal line hold by the secondary. The pass rush wasn’t getting home, but no problem the defensive backs were all over it.


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