Le’Veon Bell Making Himself Relevant Ahead Of ‘The Year Y’all Reminded’, Says Steelers ‘Should’ve Paid Me What I Wanted’

The Killer Bs represented an exciting, if not frustrating era for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a time of dynamic offenses with high potential and legitimate stars scattered throughout the lineup. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was the big B, but he was complemented by All-Pro talents in wide receiver Antonio Brown and running back Le’Veon Bell.

While the former did earn a Super Bowl ring last year playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, though, these former Bs have gone about as much killing themselves as anything else, particularly Brown, who has faced numerous lawsuits and scandals, which remain ongoing, even as he has resumed his career.

Brown recently re-signed with Tampa Bay, but Bell is still looking for his next team, and he decided to make himself relevant in the news cycle yesterday evening, while, as he claims, sitting in a jet during flight.

After having not posted to Twitter in over a week, the former All-Pro wrote out of the blue that “2021 will be the year y’all reminded”, which presumably indicates that he believes this season will be the year that he re-establishes himself without ambiguity as one of the elite running backs in the NFL—something that his statistical production has not shown since leaving the Steelers.

As you might guess, things went about exactly as you would expect on Twitter when a controversial athlete makes a boast. Many chided him about this and that, and Steelers fans brought up history about his contract, on which subject, he said, “they should’ve paid me what I wanted when they had the chance”.

We’ve hashed over the contract talks between Bell and the Steelers so many times over the years that it’s hardly worth revisiting, but essentially, he sat out the 2018 season rather than play under a second franchise tag in the hopes of signing a better deal than their offer in free agency, Pittsburgh’s deal essentially including $20 million virtually guaranteed within days of signing.

Bell’s on-field production with the New York Jets that he ultimately signed was a pale shadow of his former self, for which, of course, he does not take the blame. “The only difference with the Steelers was they gave me opportunity”, he said “Haven’t had that since I left, I probably need to play for a defensive minded head coach instead of these offensive minded guru’s”.

He also added, on his free agency status, that he’ll sign with a team “when IM ready”, and that there “ain’t no more finessing me with lies and sh*t just to get me to sign with they team…no more rushed decisions on my end, period…”.

Bell, a second-round pick in 2013 out of Michigan State, recorded 5336 rush yards on 1229 carries over 62 games for the Steelers through the 2017 season, with 36 rushing touchdowns. He added 312 receptions for 2660 yards and another seven scores.

Since 2019, he has played in 26 games for the Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs. He has totaled 1117 rush yards on 327 carries with five scores, plus 599 receiving yards and another touchdown on 82 receptions.

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