Booger Sees Kyle Trask As Fit For Steelers, But ‘Let’s Not Forget They Have Dwayne Haskins’

Kyle Trask

You are going to hear a lot of talk about speculation about whom the Pittsburgh Steelers’ next quarterback might be until they actually have their ‘next’ quarterback, and by that I mean a true franchise player, not somebody who would forever be viewed as a bridge player barring a radical improvement, like Mason Rudolph.

I don’t expect that the team will be drafting a quarterback this year, as it doesn’t really sit well with the idea of them going all in on making one last Super Bowl run with Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback, but nevertheless, it is not an option that can be simply dismissed out of hand.

If the Steelers do decide on taking a quarterback this year, then at least one analyst thinks that it would make the most sense for it to be Kyle Trask out of Florida, as Booger McFarland argued recently on a segment on ESPN’s Get Up program.

“I think you can get a guy like Kyle Trask, who I think fits perfectly in Pittsburgh”, in the second round, he said. “Big, strong kid, strong-armed, can throw the football all over the field, and he’s a very accurate passer. He just kind of fits, from a 6’5”, 230-pound standpoint, he fits and looks like Big Ben, so that’s a quarterback that maybe you could get in the second round”.

While he did state that, it was couched in comments in which he made it abundantly clear that he in no way believes the Steelers would target a quarterback in the first round, given how the offseason developed with Roethlisberger’s contract status.

McFarland also didn’t forget to mention the fact that they have Dwayne Haskins under contract, who was a first-round draft pick of the Washington Football Team in 2019. It’s generally not a good sign if a team cuts bait with a first-round quarterback after two years, but hey, you never know.

“Let’s not forget, they have Dwayne Haskins on the roster, a former first-round draft pick who has a lot of talent”, he said. “I think he’ll flourish in Pittsburgh under Mike Tomlin. The culture there in Pittsburgh, I think they’ll get the best out of Dwayne Haskins, so I think Pittsburgh is okay this year for a quarterback”.

In other words, he wasn’t advocating nor suggesting that the Steelers ought to draft a quarterback. He did make the case that Trask would be a logical fit if they were to be in a BPA situation in the second round, which is more reasonable.

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