Interesting Development With Contract Recently Signed By CB Cameron Sutton

Some interesting news related to recent contract signed by Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Cameron Sutton that’s worth passing on and then speculating about.

According to recent contract update provided by Aaron Wilson of The Houston Chronicle, the recent contract that Sutton signed is now five-years, not two as he originally reported a few days ago. The updated information shows that the last three years are voidable and automatically if Sutton is on the roster the fifth day after 2022 league year Super Bowl.

The difference with the three voidable years is quite interesting in a contract this small. In fact, it only saves $1.05 million in salary cap space by them going five years and not two. Why pull-out million salary cap space from under the coach cushions this way? Could the Steelers be attempting to maybe make room for a contract for wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, or are they maybe so far up against the cap now that they want just a little more money for some lower-level signings?

The Steelers just don’t due voidable years such as this. Sure, the recent redo with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was expected due to his age and how much cap space needed to be created. Them doing voidable years with Sutton, on the other hand, is a bit curious. We shall find out soon if it means anything.

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