Recap Of Dead Money Produced By Steelers Saturday Roster Cuts

The Pittsburgh Steelers trimmed their roster down to 53 active players on Saturday and those cuts resulted in some more dead money being produced for 2020 and 2021.

In total, the Steelers cut five players on Saturday that will result in dead money being accumulated. These five players were veteran Daniel McCullers and rookies Antoine Brooks Jr., Calvin Taylor, Corliss Waitman and Trajan Bandy.

As for the Steelers cutting McCullers on Saturday, he was previously due a base salary in 2020 of $1.5 million. His contract termination results in a dead money charge in 2020 of $125,000.

The Saturday waiving of Brooks, the Steelers sixth-round draft pick this year, produces a dead money charge of $42,708 in 2020 and an additional dead money charge in 2021 of $128,124.

The three other players mentioned above, Taylor, Waitman and Bandy, all of whom were in the group of the original 10 undrafted players signed by the Steelers, they don’t produce hefty amounts of dead money. Taylor will have a dead money charge of $3,333 in 2020 and another dead money charge of $6667 in 2021. As for Waitman and Bandy, they had identical contracts. They each will count $3,000 in dead money in 2020 and $6000 in dead money in 2021.

The total dead money for 2020 produced by those five players being cut on Saturday is $177,041. The 2021 dead money sum is $146,791.

While not terminated yet, speculation is growing that the Steelers might part ways with punter Jordan Berry by Monday. If that ultimately happens, a dead money charge in 2020 of $375,000 will be produced. Berry, in case you are curious, is currently scheduled to earn a base salary of $1.8 million in 2020

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