18 Until 2020 Training Camp: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all reading this post and I hope the week has gone well for all.

There’s still quite a bit yet to be firmed up concerning the remainder of the NFL offseason and that includes preseason game cuts, roster sizes and more. I was hoping we would have firm answers on several items related to such by Friday night, but no such luck.

we are now just two and a half weeks away from the scheduled start of training camps and hopefully that time flies by quickly. While there wasn’t much in the for of Steelers news to pass along this past week, at least we had a radio interview with outside linebacker T.J. Watt to chew on. Additionally, it was great to see late Steelers scout Bill Nunn get some early summer run for a possible induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a member of the Class of 2021.

As is usually the case for this part of the offseason, we’ll continue staying busy attempting to create some interesting content to keep most of yinz entertained.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer these next few days and like last weekend, we’ll give away one copy of the new book by Steelers running back James Conner to one randomly selected winner who responds to all five in the comments below. The great David O. will once again be in charge of fairly selecting the winner.

Last weekend it was reader Greg Payne that won the book and he has already contacted me with his address. I’m still waiting for hoptown, who won previously, to contact me with his mailing address. He can contact me here.

Thank you to everyone that visited the site this past week as once again, traffic was way, way above expectations.

I hope all of yinz have a great and safe weekend and we hope to see most around the site the next few days if you have time to frequent it.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – Last season, the Steelers had just 6 TD receptions that were thrown 20 more yards in the air and wide receiver Diontae Johnson led the way with 3 of those. Which player will record the most deep pass touchdown receptions in 2020 with Ben Roethlisberger back from his injury?

2 – Of wide receiver Chase Claypool and running back Anthony McFarland Jr., which one will register more total yards from scrimmage as a rookie?

3 – Leaving your bias out of it, will wide receiver Ryan Switzer be on the Steelers Week 1 roster against the New York Giants?

4 – Of the four Steelers defensive players listed below that are set to become unrestricted free agents after the season, which one is most likely to be re-signed by next July 10?

Chris Wormley
Cameron Sutton
Tyson Alualu
Jordan Dangerfield

5 – Who was the last celebrity (sports or non-sports) you got autograph from?

Recap of 2020 July 4th Weekend Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: Steelers Depot respondents evenly split on whether the Steelers will play any preseason games in 2020. This week, the Steelers ticket office notified season ticket holders that “The NFL is contemplating changes to the preseason schedule, which may include cancelled games.” The NFL already cancelled the Hall of Fame game. The NFLPA also voted against holding any preseason games. Standby.

Question 2: A rare unanimous vote says respondents believe rookie outside linebacker Alex Highsmith will play under 249.5 defensive snaps during the 2020 regular season. With the NFL preseason already looking to shrink; the next logical question is whether a full regular season will be played. Rookie players will have less opportunities to prepare for the professional game. Any loss of regular season games cuts down on the number of snaps any player may get.

Question 3: Two recent playoff losses emerged that respondents would like to see an immediate “do over” game. The most recent playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on January 14th, 2018 was one. Valyrian Steeler Jedi 01 pointed out this was the “Killer B’s last and best shot to make it to the (Super Bowl) and win it.” The Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos wildcard win on January 8, 2012 was the other. The Steelers had a first down in Denver territory with 29 seconds and a timeout left in regulation. One first down would bring the ball within Shaun Suisham’s kicking range. Instead, the Broncos sack Ben twice, and the game goes into overtime and the Steelers never got the ball back. Yoi. The Steelers have lost 25 playoff games in franchise history.

Question 4: 65% of respondents believe Eric Ebron will have better stats and all-around play than David Njoku in 2020. There were reports that Njoku wanted out of Cleveland.

Question 5:   Steelers Depot respondents claim they could eat from one to 13.3 hot dogs with buns in ten minutes. The median response was 4.5 hot dogs eaten in ten minutes.

Congrats to Greg Payne for winning the new James Conner book compliments of Steelers Depot.

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