NFL Tells Teams Training Camp Will Begin On Schedule, Leaves Door Open For Fans During Season

The NFL is doing their best to keep their 2020 season on track. Today, Roger Goodell told teams training camps are still expected to begin on schedule, with most clubs reporting around July 28th. He also implied there remains hope for fans to attend regular season games.

Pittsburgh will be one team to see its training camp schedule slightly altered. With the league announcing the cancellation of the Hall of Fame Game, the Steelers and Cowboys don’t need to begin their camp before the rest of the NFL. They are likely to open up at Heinz Field on July 28th.

Goodell said owners and the union are still discussing if the rest of the preseason will occur as schedule. With rising COVID cases in several stats, it seems more likely than not there will at least be a reduction in those games, if not a total cancellation.

While the league is closing off the first 6-8 rows in all stadiums for the regular season, already confirming stadiums won’t be completely full, they remain optimistic about having some people in the crowd. That could vary from state to state depending on their current level of cases and health/safety regulations from state and local officials. Pittsburgh has done well to keep their case totals down in recent weeks.

Of course, all of this is still subject to change. What the world looks like a week from now seems impossible to predict, much less a month when teams will be slated to report.

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