Eric Ebron Refutes Claim He Quit On Colts

Eric Ebron faced one of the heaviest accusations someone can make about an NFL player on the field. The claim he quit on the Colts last season, shutting down for the season following an ankle injury. Ebron has pushed back on the idea, telling his side of the story in an Instagram story, screen-grabbed by the PPG’s Brian Batko.

Ebron wrote:

“Never quit in an injury I been playing with since August lol. Ask Ballard the truth. He wanted me to play hurt and I wasn’t point, blank, period. I was limping into football games limping out of practice JUST TO PRACTICE! Man ya’ll don’t know shit Bob ass lame deff don’t know shit. I gave Indy my all always will.”

As Batko knows, Ballard is Chris Ballard, the Colts’ GM, who made some grumblings about Ebron late last season. That was followed up by media reports – that’s beat writer Bob Kravitz – which reemerged after Ebron inked a two-year deal with Pittsburgh.

But there’s two sides to the story and it’s important to hear from Ebron, who is clearly denying the allegations. No one but Ebron knows how his body actually felt but far too often, players dealing with injuries get overlooked and brushed aside as teams pressure and compel them to play through the pain.

Regardless, the Steelers essentially signed him to a one-year deal, able to get out of the contract after 2020 if things don’t work out. If all goes well, he should provide a middle-of-field impact the team sorely missed last season.

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