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Cris Carter Explains AB’s Behavior: Miserable People ‘Love To Be Able To Drag Other People Down’

If there is one person in the national media who has approximated consistency in his commentary about Antonio Brown throughout the course of the offseason, it would be Cris Carter, the Hall of Fame wide receiver who surely knows a little something about an underprivileged kid becoming a star pass catcher with some emotional immaturity.

With that in mind, I kind of want to give him his platform here, because he had a clear thesis about why he feels Brown has been behaving this way. In that spirit, I’m going to leave it up to him to do most of the talking in this article.

“You can’t be surprised by his reaction because both JuJu and AB are consumed by social media. And if you’re consumed by social media, you’ll find yourself in your mentions, in trying to make a comment to justify”, he started his remarks.

“JuJu was the MVP. The fan didn’t lie. But you had to be able to come back at him this way. JuJu did make a huge mistake in that game. That wasn’t their whole season. Missed kicks, late drives, they couldn’t stop anyone, the offense couldn’t score late in games. They had a number of reasons why they didn’t make the playoffs.

But for me, what I’ve learned in life is, people who are unhappy, they’re unhappy regardless of what their contract situation is, regardless of what their money situation is. They’re miserable people. And they try to make other people get involved in their misery because they’re not happy with their life.

AB should be happy. But let me tell you what he’s not happy about. He’s with the Raiders. They do got a brand. But they’re not the Pittsburgh Steelers. When you go on the road and they got 30,000? Man, I went to a Super Bowl game in Detroit, it was ridiculous. They are the best following in the NFL.

For a guy who’s in his third year in JuJu, who had the mic drop with his comments, I’m jealous of him because he’s there and I’m out here. Even though he’s got the money. So to me, what I found out, people who aren’t happy, they love to be able to drag other people down. It had nothing to do with their job, and/or how much money they’re making. They’re just miserable people.

One can’t help but get the feeling that he has probably had a teammate or two about whom this description fits. Perhaps even he fit that description at one point in his career. Luckily for older players, however, they didn’t have social media. Either to deal with, or to use to comment on.

He might smile all the time, but it’s hard to buy that Brown is overly happy. Sure, he likes his money, he likes that he got his way. But he still wasn’t the MVP last year. And JuJu still was. And fans are taking JuJu’s side. That’s plenty enough to fuel a miserable mind.

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