Valentine’s Day Weekend 2019: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of yinz and welcome back to your Friday Five Questions.

I’m filling in for Dave Bryan this week, who flew out to Florida for a couple days. He and the Terrible Podcast will return on Tuesday. Even with this being the offseason, still a busy time of year with plenty going on. The window to place the transition tag on Le’Veon Bell – the Steelers reportedly will do so – opens up in a couple days.

And as always, there’s been plenty of Antonio Brown news, the most recent development that he will meet with owner Art Rooney II. To me, it’s a Hail Mary attempt to try to fix a clearly shattered relationship. I’m sure it won’t be a surprise several of the questions this week revolve around AB but I did add a couple non-Brown related questions because I get it, the topic becomes tiring sometimes.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer during this Friday night and I hope to see several participate. Thank you for your continued support into the new year.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1. Will Antonio Brown be a Steeler this time next month (March 15th)? Yes or no. 

2. Tell me one wide receiver, potential free agent or draft pick, you’d like to see signed to replace Brown should he be dealt. 

3. Do you own an Antonio Brown jersey? If so, what do you plan on doing with it? Giving it away, burying it in your closet, or something else? Will this make you more hesitant to buy a Steelers’ jersey in the future?

4. We know the Steelers would like to re-sign some of their marquee free agents, like Jesse James. Others are almost certain to hit the market, like Stevan Ridley. But there are a couple guys inbetween. Will the Steelers re-sign Coty Sensabaugh, L.T. Walton, neither, or both, before the start of the new league year? 

5. Who is one draft prospect you’d like us to profile in the near future?

2019 Friday Night Questions

Recap of 1st Offseason Weekend of 2019 Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: Steelers Depot respondents were divided on whether they would watch any of the AAF games last weekend. The vote was 55% saying they planned to versus 45% saying no. Fess up – did you watch at least a part of a game?

Question 2: The Atlanta Legends and Memphis Express clearly need a new marketing team. Neither team got a single vote citing their logo as a favorite. The Orlando Apollos only got one vote. The Arizona Hotshots, San Antonio Commanders and Salt Lick Stallions all polled between 13-16%. The San Diego Fleet almost won the crown with 27% of the vote but Iron City beer drinkers tied it up casting their vote for the Birmingham Iron.

Question 3: Another tie. Nearly half of the respondents predict Le’Veon Bell wearing either a Houston Texans or New York Jets uniform next season (24% each). 17% see him in an Indianapolis; 13% somewhere in the USA as a Raider; 10% in that aquamarine Dolphin uniform; 7% holding out for Bell to be back in the Black & Gold and 3% as a Washington Redskin. No one predicted that he would not wear a uniform due to being suspended or deciding to focus on his singing career.

Question 4: If you don’t include re-signing Jesse James or Ramon Foster, only two offensive players were mentioned as free agents that the Steelers should pursue this offseason despite potentially losing two former first team offense all-pro players Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Golden Tate and John Brown were the two wide receivers named. The other 14 potential free agents all play defense. Safety Tyrann Mathieu AKA the Honey Badger and inside linebacker C.J. Mosley were the runaway favorites. Three other safeties were mentioned: Earl Thomas, Eric Reid and Adrian Amos. Four outside linebackers: Jamie Collins, Preston Smith, Dee Ford and Za’Darius Smith. Defensive end Frank Clark. Four cornerbacks: Ron Darby, Bryce Callahan, Kareem Jackson & Brad Roby. Will any of these guys visit Pittsburgh for the sniff test?

Question 5: Over 62% of respondents say the Steelers will not place the transition tag on Le’Veon Bell prior to this year’s deadline. A number of those who said the Steelers would tag him also commented that they hoped that it would not happen. Superstar fatigue?

Well folks, here we are in the off season. The 2018 season is officially in the can. There were 139 folks that answered the Friday Night 5 Questions at least one time during the past contest. 18 folks answered all 22 weeks with 11 more just missing one week. Here are the leader boards from the past three seasons since I’ve started recapping results:

2018 FINAL   LEADERBOARD 2018 place 2017 LEADERBOARD 2017 place 2016 LEADERBOARD 2016 place
GreenBastard 1st Alan Tman 1st Phil Brenneman II 1st
ImMikeD 2nd Wes Lee 2nd Beaver Falls Hosiery 2nd
don2727 3rd Darth Blount 47 3rd Kevin Schwartz 3rd
Matt Manzo 4th DirtDawg1964 4th PaeperCup 4th
ND_Steel 5th Chris92021 5th Matt Manzo 5th
Beaver Falls Hosiery 6th Matt Manzo 6th SJT63 6th
DirtDawg1964 7th Jeff McNeil 7th William Weaver 7th
Wes Lee 8th (tie) Marcel Chris Chauvet 8th (tie) Hypo Cycloid 8th
Keneyeam 8th (tie) heath miller 8th (tie) LucasY59 9th (tie)
B&G 10th Jaybird 10th Carlos Ortega Fernandez 9th (tie)
Earl 11th (tie) LucasY59 11th Wes Lee 11th
Brian Tollini 11th (tie) Pittfan 12th Jeff McNeil 12th
Marcel Chris Chauvet 13th Josh Cummings 13th Chris92021 13th
Ichabod 14th Phil Brennenman II 14th J. 14th
Phil Brenneman II 15th (tie) SkoolHouseRoxx 15th mokhkw 15th
6 ring circus 15th (tie) J. 16th Miliken Steeler 16th
Chris92021 15th (tie) Kevin Schwartz 17th (tie) SkoolHouseRoxx 17th
IC in Cincy 15th (tie) Ted Webb 17th (tie) Riverstko 18th (tie)
Greg Payne 19th (tie) SJT63 19th Wreckless 18th (tie)
Andy N 19th (tie) Reader783 20th Thomas 18th (tie)
Andi B 19th (tie) Spencer Krick 18th (tie)
Steeldog22 22nd (tie) RangerBrigade 22nd
heath miller 22nd (tie) JohnB 23rd
hoptown 24th Josh Gustad 24th
SJT63 25th (tie)
Pittfan 25th (tie)
BurghBoy412 25th (tie)


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