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Report: Antonio Brown Allegedly Pushed Female To Ground During January Domestic Disturbance

Some new details are starting to emerge related to the January domestic dispute that Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown had in South Florida that included the Hollywood, FL police department responding but not ultimately making an arrest.

Andy Slater, a Miami on-air personality, posted on Twitter what appears to be an excerpt from the police report that was filed related to the Brown January domestic dispute and it states that Brown was accused by the mother of his daughter of pushing her backwards with both hands out of a doorway. That push allegedly caused the woman to fall to the ground and suffer a scraped wrist in the process. The dispute between the two was allegedly over money reimbursement for a hair cut the child had received.

A crime scene technician was apparently called to take photos of the alleged injuries the woman had received from Brown pushing her to the ground. However, the woman, according to the report, refused to compete a victim affidavit.

According to TMZ on Wednesday, the woman had a change of heart about filing a victim affidavit and she reportedly told another officer she “wished to cancel her report” because she did not want to press charges against Brown. After the police told her they could not “cancel” the report, she became irate and left the scene.

While this certainly doesn’t look good on Brown’s resume right now, it’s important to remember that he’s yet to be charged with any wrong doing and possibly won’t be with so much time now passed.

The Steelers released a statement on Tuesday that they are looking further into Brown’s alleged January incident after learning about it via the TMZ report. They had no other comment on the matter. The NFL will also now launch their own investigation into the Brown January domestic dispute incident as well.

“We will look into the matter,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Pro Football Talk via email on Wednesday concerning the Brown domestic dispute incident.

Brown’s attorney said in a Tuesday statement that his client is innocent of the current allegations of wrongdoing, calling them “baseless and false.” He has since released a followup statement on Wednesday and you can read that below.

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