The Steelers Show Up To Support The Penguins (And Alejandro Villanueva Poured Beer On Himself)

As of writing this, it’s a 1-1 tie between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins after two periods. Hopefully, this article ages well with a Pens’ victory but even if it doesn’t, it wasn’t for a lack of support. Looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers were in full-force to support their hockey brethren. But I don’t think anyone is topping Alejandro Villanueva’s support.

I’ll update this with a better video if/when I see it but WPXI’s Chase Williams has a short clip of VIllanueva, with the camera on him, taking off his short and pouring beer all over himself. I literally don’t think I am capable of adding any other words to that.

Update: here’s another look, courtesy of Steph A Chambers.

Here’s the best video, provided by the Pens’ account.

In slightly more…calm news, tons of other Steelers were in attendance, either in the crowd or in a suite. Here’s Mike Tomlin sporting a Sidney Crosby jersey. Ben Roethlisberger, who said earlier this week he was hoping to get to a game, sat in the suites above.

Ditto general manager Kevin Colbert, according to this photo.

Clint Hurdle also had this quote prior to the puck dropping. The Pirates are in Milwaukee but plan on keeping a close eye on the score.

Hope you’re enjoying the game. And Let’s Go Pens!


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