Bud Dupree Claims James Harrison Wouldn’t Visit Shazier In Hospital, Didn’t Attend Meetings

Dave Bryan has a really good article detailing several of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ grievances over James Harrison, tearing down the facade of a really good teammate and hard worker. Throughout the evening, more players have been vocal about their problems with Harrison but I’m not sure anyone has so thoroughly blasted him as much as Bud Dupree has.

Earlier, we passed along Dupree’s quote of Harrison choosing to leave Pittsburgh, essentially forcing his way out of the city so he could go play. But Dupree has gotten even more specific. And if true, a really terrible look for Harrison.

This tweet from 93.7’s Paul Zeise, which I don’t think I need to add much context to.

Wow. Just…wow.

Assuming it’s true, and there’s no reason to believe Dupree is lying about any of it, it’s actually kinda surprising it took this long for the team to dump Harrison (and then fall on the sword in the immediate aftermath when the organization came under intense scrutiny).

And when it comes to not seeing Shazier, I can only hope Harrison simply (somehow) wasn’t able to find the time and didn’t intentionally slight his injured teammate.

Dupree continued, bluntly stating why he wasn’t concerned about Harrison giving the Patriots any playbook secrets.

He’s also said that Harrison didn’t serve as a mentor in any capacity, unwilling to help the young guys out of fear for them taking away his job.

No one in that locker room is mincing words. Harrison wasn’t just unliked, he seemed hated. And aside from a couple guys at the top, the general vibe is that it’s a good thing #92 is out the door.

UPDATE (3:49 AM) Early Thursday morning, Zeise sent out an updated tweet, saying he nor Dupree claimed Harrison definitely never visited Shazier but that Harrison declined to attend with the rest of the linebackers.

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