Matt Galambos’ Pittsburgh Journey Continues

Matt Galambos is Philadelphia born but might just give the edge to Pittsburgh these days. Going from longshot to Steeler, the team signed him out of rookie minicamp, one of just two players to earn a deal. Speaking with’s Teresa Varley, he talked about what the experience of officially becoming a member of the team was like.

“I knew if I went out and gave all that I had, learned the plays, the installs to the best of my ability, I would be okay with it. Right after the final practice of minicamp (General Manager) Kevin Colbert came up and talked to me about staying here. It was an honor.”

Colbert personally coming up and talking to him reinforces the family and every-player-matters mentality the Steelers’ organization has. Mike Tomlin personally told Marcus Tucker’s mom last year that her son earned a contract and several players have recounted how the coaching staff treated everyone equally and with respect.

Galambos will hope to follow in the footsteps of Terence Garvin. He took a similar path, a tryout player who was signed by the team and wound up being a valuable special teams player. Garvin had 36 tackles in three years with the team and another 16 with Washington a year ago. He signed with the Seattle Seahawks in the offseason.

Given the relative weak depth the Steelers have at inside linebacker, there is a chance for him to make a push for a roster spot. It’s possible the team carries five inside linebackers and even if they don’t, Steven Johnson’s roster spot is far from locked in.

Speaking with Varley, Galambos said he realizes “nothing is guaranteed” going forward which should put a mighty chip on his shoulder. He’ll also fight UDFA Keith Kelsey, given a big signing bonus by the team, for a roster spot. At the least, you can expect one of them to get a spot on the practice squad.

If you missed it the first time, check out my scouting report on Galambos below.

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