Martavis Bryant Smooths Over The Sammie Coates “Controversy”

Ok, I admit I had no idea how to phrase this one. Was there ever a controversy? Ever an issue? I know us in the public sphere – Depot included – wrote about it at the time. To recap, so we can readdress the topic, Martavis Bryant took to Twitter after the team drafted JuJu Smith-Schuster, saying he was going to take Sammie Coates’ job, not his. Coates responded, tweets were deleted, and Mike Tomlin had to play Dad.

Today, in Bryant’s first day back at school, he sent out this Instagram photo of he and Coates.

If you can’t read the caption or see the photo, it says: “@sammiecoates we always compete and have fun that’s what family do.” 

And Coates replied with the 100 emoji. For our older generation, just know that means things are all good.

But once training camp starts up, the competition is going to be intense. I’ve repeatedly said WRs and CBs is going to be the most watched camp battle this year and wide receiver is the deepest position on the roster. There are eight receivers who are going to make the roster or have been on the roster in the past.

If Bryant keeps his head on straight, his spot is safe and he’ll be the Steelers’ starting Z receiver. Coates’ spot is more uncertain and a bad training camp could put him on the outside looking in.

Hopefully Bryant sticks with this positive, social media use instead of using it to get into Twitter wars with fans and ESPN analysts.

But things between them are all good. And they probably weren’t ever even that bad to begin with.

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