Martavis Bryant On Twitter: “That’s Sammie Coates Replacement”

I would like to throw out my personal opinion here and suggest Martavis Bryant stay off Twitter for awhile. Bryant took to social media to react to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2nd round selection of WR JuJu Smith-Schuster. Here’s what he had to say.

EDIT: Chris Mueller did us a solid and smartly screenshoted Bryant’s tweet.

And Coates’ response.

I am really hoping this is just some inside joke that we don’t know about. But Bryant has gotten into Twitter wars before, usually sparing with Stephen A. Smith. Either way, maybe it’s better to just put the phone down. I’ll let you guys decide what’s going on here.

UPDATE: Bryant has deleted the tweet and followed up with this. And then tweeted something about “this is a business and this is how I handle it” before deleting that one too. So maybe not a joke?

Mike Tomlin jumping in from the war room.

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