Steelers 2017 Free Agency: Annual Recap Of Signings During Kevin Colbert Era

With the 2017 NFL league year set to get underway on Thursday, it’s time to do our annual look back at all of the true unrestricted free agents the Pittsburgh Steelers have signed dating back to 2000, the first year that general manager Kevin Colbert was with the organization.

Over the course of the last 17 offseasons, the Steelers have signed quite a few outside free agents. However, when it comes to “true unrestricted free agents”, meaning players who were property of another team prior to the new league starting, and who were signed prior to June 1, the Steelers have only signed 41 that meet that criteria dating back to 2000.

Before any of you tell me that I forgot about running back DeAngelo Williams, please remember that he was actually a street free agent in 2015 following his release from the Carolina Panthers.

As you can see in the table below, I have included the total amount of regular season games that each player saw action in during their time with the Steelers in addition to the number of regular season games each player started. I also have the original free agent contract terms listed for each player.

While the Steelers did sign five true unrestricted free agents a year ago, those players combined to play in 48 of a possible 80 total regular season games and two of the four were placed on the team’s Reserve/Injured list during the first half of the season. Additionally, tight end Ladarius Green spent the first half of the regular season on the team’s Reserve/PUP list.

In short, and as I warn every year at this time of the offseason, I wouldn’t expect the Steelers to sign very many true unrestricted free agents in the coming weeks. If they do sign a few, look for only one of them to sign a decent-size contract.

2/14/2000 NT Kimo von Oelhoffen Bengals 95 94 4-years, $10M
2/22/2000 DE Chris Sullivan Patriots 15 2 3-years, $4.73M
2/28/2000 G Rich Tylski Jaguars 28 26 3-years, $3.24M
2/28/2000 QB Kent Graham Giants 14 5 3-years, $5.1M
5/30/2000 S Brent Alexander Panthers 64 64 2-years, $1.29M
3/8/2001 C Jeff Hartings Detroit 91 89 6-years, $24.25M
3/23/2001 S Mike Logan Jaguars 73 17 3-years, $3.1M
4/20/2001 LB Mike Jones Rams 21 1 3-years, $2.75M
3/25/2002 K Todd Peterson Chiefs 10 0 4-years, $3.975M
4/5/2002 LB James Farrior Jets 154 154 3-years, $5.4M
3/5/2003 LB Clint Kriewaldt Detroit 74 2 3-years, $2.38M
3/17/2003 T Todd Fordham Jaguars 11 6 3-years, $2.38M
3/6/2004 P Chris Gardocki Browns 48 0 5-years, $6.3M
3/9/2004 RB Duce Staley Eagles 16 11 5-years, $14M
3/10/2004 DT Travis Kirschke 49ers 92 18 4-years, $6.41M
5/26/2004 CB Willie Williams Seahawks 20 11 1-year, $760K
3/8/2005 WR Cedrick Wilson 49ers 47 14 4-years, $8M
3/14/2006 S Ryan Clark Redskins 80 78 4-years, $7M
3/16/2006 DE Rodney Bailey Seahawks 12 0 1-year, $625K
3/10/2007 C Sean Mahan Buccaneers 16 16 5-years, $17M
4/17/2007 DT Nick Eason Browns 55 11 1-year, $510K
3/3/2008 RB Mewelde Moore Vikings 59 4 3-years, $4.95M
3/12/2008 LB Keyaron Fox Chiefs 45 3 1-year, $645K
4/24/2009 CB Keiwan Ratliff Colts 9 0 1-year, $620K
5/1/2009 WR Shaun McDonald Lions 4 0 1-year, $620K
3/8/2010 WR Arnaz Battle 49ers 25 0 3-years, $3.975M
3/8/2010 T Jonathan Scott Bills 29 15 1-year, $540K
3/8/2010 S Will Allen Buccaneers 30 0 3-years, $4.495M
3/15/2010 LB Larry Foote Lions 31 5 3-years, $9.3M
4/10/2012 TE Leonard Pope Chiefs 16 2 1-year, $725K
3/13/2013 QB Bruce Gradkowski Bengals 1 0 3-years, $4.95M
4/26/2013 RB LaRod Stephens-Howling Cardinals 1 0 1-year, $780K
3/11/2014 S Mike Mitchell Panthers 48 48 5-years, $25M
3/14/2014 DT Cam Thomas Chargers 32 10 2-years, $4M
3/24/2014 LB Arthur Moats Bills 48 25 1-year, $795K
3/28/2014 RB LeGarrette Blount Patriots 11 0 2-years, $3.85M
4/2/2014 WR Darrius Heyward-Bey Colts 42 5 1-year, $795K
3/10/2016 TE Ladarius Green Chargers 6 2 4-years, $20M
3/15/2016 T Ryan Harris Broncos 4 0 2-years, $3.9M
3/25/2016 LB Steven Johnson Titans 6 0 1-year, $815K
3/31/2016 DE Ricardo Mathews Chargers 16 5 1-year, $760K
5/17/2016 TE David Johnson Chargers 16 5 1-year, $760K
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