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James Harrison Randomly Drug Tested Again After Playing Every Snap Against Bills

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison played every defensive snap in the team’s Sunday win over the Buffalo Bills and on Monday he was promptly issued yet another random drug test notification by the league.

Harrison posted his latest random drug test notification on his social media accounts.

At this point, Harrison’s seemingly monthly random drug testing notifications have long passed the running joke stage and are now borderlining on harassment. Either that, or the 38-year-old linebacker is extremely unlucky.

As everyone knows by now, Harrison was one of a few players who were required by the league to meet with them following PED use accusations during a documentary by Al-Jazeera.

Against his wishes, Harrison ultimately met with the league prior to the start of the regular season after they threatened to suspend him. Harrison and all other players named in that report were ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing by the league.

With three weeks now remaining in the 2016 regular season, I’m sure we can count on Harrison having to at least one more random testing.

“I’m starting to think it’s not as random,” Harrison said Monday.



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