Giants’ LB Kelvin Sheppard Not Fined For Le’Veon Bell Facemask

Pull away the player who tried to corkscrew the neck of your running back? Fine.

Be the guy who tried to corkscrew a guy’s neck? No fine.

That’s what the NFL has said after officially announcing the fines from this past weekend’s slate of games.

As was reported yesterday, Ramon Foster was slapped with a $9,115 fine for his actions against Kelvin Sheppard in the waning moments of Sunday’s 24-14 win over the New York Giants. has it listed for a “fighting” infraction, presumably, for the kneeling motion Foster had into Sheppard after pulling him off the pile.

But Sheppard himself? Nada.

A reminder if you haven’t seen the play yet or what Sheppard did.

According to the league, this is kosher.

I have no issue with Foster’s wallet getting lighter. He made the right decision, sticking up for his guy, but it’s difficult to wrap my mind around one player getting a fine for an arguably less egregious act. And it continues to be hard to predict what actions will incur a fine and which will be glossed over.

If there is any, I guess good news, is Giants’ safety Eric Pinkins has hit with a hefty fine after his blindside block on Shamarko Thomas, knocking Thomas out of the game with a concussion. If you go back, it really was a nasty hit. There was no flag on the play, however.

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