Steelers Unlikely To Dip Their Toes In Trade Frenzy

It’s been a couple unusually active days in the NFL But with the trade deadline looming, November 1st, it’s not a total shock.

We’ve seen the New England Patriots make a flurry of moves. They acquired linebacker Kyle Van Noy from the Detroit Lions and then ship out tight end A.J. Derby to the Denver Broncos. The Cleveland Browns have been rumored to putting Joe Thomas on the block, an assertion they’ve denied, and the San Francisco 49ers are reportedly shopping wide receiver Torrey Smith.

It’s easy to say that any particular team won’t make a move since they’re still uncommon but even more than usual, it appears Pittsburgh will stand pat.

Kind of weird to think about given the number of areas they can get better, isn’t it?

But you can look at eventual health as their own mini-trades. Getting Marcus Gilbert, Cam Heyward, Bud Dupree back. I racked my brain trying to think of a position they could really explore but alas, there is no Leger Douzable of 2016.

Pass rush is an eyesore but the team isn’t parting with anyone they have. And Dupree’s return makes the idea of going out and getting someone moot. They’ve already made their splash with Justin Gilbert and the cupboard at safety is full. No one has a chance to see a role on defense with Sean Davis developing and Jordan Dangerfield proving to be quite capable.

Gilbert’s return will give the Steelers their tackle depth back and B.J. Finney has been strong along the interior. I imagine they plan on getting Cody Wallace back at some point and even if he doesn’t, Finney is likely second in command.

Ditto with tight end and Ladarius Green, not that the team really needed a low-end trade even if he remained out. The same can be said along the defensive line.

The more interesting thought is if they trade anyone away. Again, not a lot of names come to mind. Markus Wheaton is probably the one you’d hear the most but given his lack of production, health, and ending contract, his minuscule value doesn’t even justify shopping him.

In general, for a team with an eye on winning Super Bowls, they’re not here to sell. They’re here to add. And I doubt any of that happens. But if you have an idea, let us know in the comments. It’s fun to think about, at the least.

But if Joe Thomas can get out of the AFC North, that’d be great.

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