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Referee Says He’s Reporting Steelers WR Antonio Brown For Wednesday Tirade

The Pittsburgh Steelers have now wrapped up their second of two joint training camp practices with the Detroit Lions at Saint Vincent College and apparently wide receiver Antonio Brown wasn’t too happy with a call made by a referee late in the Wednesday session.

According to several reports on Twitter, Brown made an incredible catch in the end zone on one particular play but the official ultimately ruled him out of bounds. Brown then proceeded to complain “vociferously” about refs not throwing flags during practice and that outburst reportedly included him using words that you can’t say on television.

Several media reports on Twitter indicate that Brown nearly got himself thrown out of practice as a result of his actions and the referee informed the Steelers wide receiver that he would have been ejected had he acted the way he did during a game.

The referee reportedly told the members of the media who were present Wednesday that he’s still going to report Brown to the league even though all of this took place during a practice.

Brown is a very competitive player and I assume head coach Mike Tomlin will have a word or two with him later this evening. The Steelers star wide receiver isn’t expected to play Friday night in the preseason opener against the Lions so at least we don’t have to worry about him getting ejected in that contest.

We’ll have to wait and see if the league has any response.

It’s worth noting that starting this season, any player who is flagged for two specific unsportsmanlike conduct fouls in a game will be automatically ejected.

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