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Color Rush Change: Steelers Now Scheduled To Have Black Christmas Against Ravens

Are you ready to have a black Christmas? The Pittsburgh Steelers are as it was announced Sunday that the team will wear their black Color Rush uniforms during their Christmas home game against the Baltimore Ravens.

If you are confused, don’t feel bad because so am I. The original report was that the Steelers were going to wear their Color Rush uniforms during the team’s Week 12 Thanksgiving night road game against the Indianapolis Colts, but obviously that’s been changed now.

“We will be wearing what is referred to as our ‘color rush’ uniform for the first time,” team president Art Rooney II told Missi Matthews of during an interview that will air Monday on Steelers Nation Radio at 2:30 p.m. “I know in a few weeks we are going to be able to unveil exactly what that looks like. We haven’t had a home game on Christmas in my memory. It will be unique, special. This will add a little more excitement to what I am sure will be an exciting day.”

So, are they really still going to be black? According to Bob Labriola during the Sunday edition of Steelers Live, that’s the expected color.

“I think it’s pretty academic that the Steelers will choose black,” Labriola said. “The NFL has only scheduled two games on Christmas day, Steelers-Ravens is one of them. The Steelers debuting their Color Rush uniforms, and who knows, maybe Joe Greene flies up from Texas again and gives another little pregame pep-talk.”

So there you go, here’s to the Steelers Color-Rushing the Ravens on December 25th so that it doesn’t become a blue Christmas.

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