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Patrick Peterson Explains Why Antonio Brown Is So Tough To Cover

Quite a few defensive backs around the league would likely name Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown as one of the toughest players to cover currently, but very few will actually say why that is. However, in a recent interview on “The Dan Patrick Show”, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson did both.

“He’s just so quick and the thing that intrigues me the most about Antonio, he does a great job at changing his aiming point, (where I want to hit him),” Peterson said. “He does a great job of hiding that. And another thing that he’s really, really good at, he’s always running. He’s never stopped. He’s always running in and out of the huddle and does a great job of trying to wear and tear the defensive back down. Going against him this year, I can see why he has those big games so late in games, because he does a great job with his conditioning and does a great job of wearing the defensive back down.”

Last season against the Cardinals and Peterson, Brown only had 3 catches for 24 yards, but it’s worth remembering that Mike Vick and Landry Jones both played quarterback in that game due to starter Ben Roethlisberger being injured. In case you missed it, I detailed the five incomplete throws to Brown in that game. Additionally, 2 of Brown’s 3 receptions in that game came in the fourth quarter. Quick research also shows that 28 of Brown’s 136 receptions last season came during the fourth quarter of games and that includes three catches of 56, 56 and 57 yards.

Brown, as Peterson points, is a highly conditioned player and that’s a result of the rigorous training that he puts himself through during the offseason. The Steelers wide receiver is expected to be ranked one of the top 5 players and the top overall wide receiver in the league in the NFL Network’s annual top 100 countdown which will be wrapping up in the next two weeks.

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