Video: Steelers S Sean Davis – 2015 Maryland Pass Targets Versus Iowa

I found myself watching the 2015 game between Maryland and Iowa earlier this morning so I decided to go ahead and chart the targets that new Pittsburgh Steelers safety Sean Davis faced in that game.

Davis, who played cornerback last year at Maryland, was official targeted 11 times against Iowa and gave up 5 catches for 75 yards in addition to being penalized on two other plays for a total of 27 yards. I included the one screen pass to Davis’ side in the video below.

Davis recorded 7 total tackles in this game with 3 of them coming on running plays. As you can clearly see in this selection of plays, Davis needs quite a bit of coaching when it comes to his technique and it’s probably a good thing that he’ll mostly be asked to play strong safety and inside the box during his rookie season in Pittsburgh.

IOWA 1Q 1-10 at UMD 30 Jacob Hillyer C  3
IOWA 1Q 2-7 at UMD 27 Matt VandeBerg I
IOWA 1Q 3-7 at UMD 27 Tevaun Smith I
IOWA 1Q 1-10 at UMD 40 Matt VandeBerg I
IOWA 1Q 2-10 at UMD 40 Tevaun Smith C 21  Y
IOWA 2Q 3-5 at IOWA 42 Matt VandeBerg C  23  Y
IOWA 2Q 4-5 at UMD 30 Tevaun Smith I  15  Y PI
IOWA 2Q 1-10 at IOWA 19 Jerminic Smith C  14  Y
IOWA 2Q 1-20 at UMD 29 Jacob Hillyer C  12
IOWA 3Q 2-7 at IOWA 23 Jacob Hillyer I
IOWA 4Q 2-7 at UMD 42 Tevaun Smith C  14 Y
IOWA 4Q 2-8 at UMD 26 Tevaun Smith I  12  Y  PI
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