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Steelers LB James Harrison Not Allowed To Record Recent Random PED Test

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has a beef with the NFL and a legitimate one at that.

Harrison, who was issued another random PED test on Tuesday, was apparently not allowed to record the administering of the said test and he never received a good answer from the league as to why. Ryan Willis, the Director of NFL PED Drug Testing, was contacted by phone by Harrison and he couldn’t give a good reason as to why he couldn’t record like he had previously. In the video, Harrison says that if he refused to put his phone down, the test would not have been conducted and he would’ve been treated as testing positive. He also says he filmed a previous test, causing that administrator to be fired.

Willis apparently works for Drug Free Sport. You can find him as the “Director of NFL PED Drug Testing” in the staff directory at their website. 

According to Instagram videos that Harrison posted Tuesday night, the last time he recorded his PED test the person who administered it was fired. Harrison said that he has since contacted DeMaurice Smith, the Executive Director of the National Football League Players’ Association, who will now look into getting an answer for the Steelers linebacker.

The CBA does not explicitly allow or disallow filming. The current language says that the specific procedure would be determined after the CBA was already agreed upon.


It really is curious as to why Harrison isn’t allowed to record his own test as proof it was done fairly and to protect his own well-being. Needless to say we’ll be hearing more about this in the coming days.

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