Zapruder Film Version Of Incident Between Steelers Joey Porter And Bengals Players

Are you tired of talking about what happened Saturday night between Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers coach Joey Porter and several members of the Cincinnati Bengals defense? If so, close out this post right now.

For those of you who decided to read on, below is a look at what transpired over the course of about 21 seconds that ultimately led to Bengals cornerback Adam Jones being flagged for a personal foul for going after Porter as I have pieced together the video Zapruder film fashion.

As you can see, the video starts right after injured Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown gets up and is being helped off the field by the team’s medical staff. Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict then precedes to put his right hand on the Brown’s left shoulder after exchanging some words with Porter and he apparently says something to the Steelers wide receiver. One of the Steelers doctors then knocks Burfict’s right arm away and it actually hits Porter on the side of his head.

Porter then says something to Burfict and then pivots around to be behind the referee. While Porter has his back turned, Bengals defensive lineman Wallace Gilberry then comes up behind him and bumps him forward.

Here is where it gets even more interesting. After Porter is bumped by Wallace, Burfict actually grabs a hold of the Steelers coach for a split second as if to make it seem like Porter lunged into him (see picture above). Porter doesn’t appear to say anything at that point and tries to slowly back away. After Porter gets some separation from the Bengals players, Jones comes in after him and that is when the flag is thrown.

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