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Report: Martavis Bryant Working With Counselor In Texas

Earlier today, Dave Bryan floated the idea that Martavis Bryant may be spending his time away from the team in order to check himself into a rehabilitation center before he rejoins the team.

Aaron Wilson seems to confirm that idea, reporting Bryant is in Houston, Texas working with well-known counselor John Lucas. Lucas, a former NBA point guard who battled his own drug and alcohol addiction, owns John Lucas enterprises to work with players with similar troubles.

An excerpt from his biography on his website.

“Even before retiring he initiated rehabilitation programs based on his own needs that involved exercise, counseling, etc. Since those days Lucas has dedicated himself to helping other addicts to regain control of their lives. By forming John Lucas Enterprises, heading up the Miami Tropics basketball organization, serving as the head basketball coach for 3 NBA teams, and ultimately creating John Lucas Basketball Resources. He has created an extensive program that supports and helps athletes, at-risk or not, to progress to their athletic potential, achieve sobriety and remain drug free.”

Bryant will be eligible to take the field for the Steelers following the team’s Week Four matchup with the Baltimore Ravens.

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