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Panthers QB Cam Newton Might Get Extra Work Against Steelers

If you have tickets for the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday night preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers, you might just get a little more than you bargained for.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, the Panthers are likely going to play quarterback Cam Newton a god bit against the Steelers because he needs the work.

“I knew they had to play (against the Steelers), but just how much was really dependent on how well they played tonight,” Panthers head coach Ron Rivera said. “And obviously we didn’t play well enough.”

Against the New England Patriots Friday night Newton was 8-of-12 passing for 88 yards. The Panthers defense also looked shaky as they gave up 204 yards passing to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady before he exited.

Based on what we observed Thursday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Steelers could stand to get their first-team offense and defense a little extra work as well.

Normally the preseason finale features the starters exiting early, but by the early sound of things, we might actually see a pretty good first half of football Thursday night at Heinz Field.

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