2014 Salary Cap

Report: Brett Keisel Contract Two-Years, $3 Million

It will be a few days before the contract signed Wednesday by Pittsburgh Steelers veteran defensive end Brett Keisel shows up in the NFLPA records, but early numbers being reported by Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio are believable.

According to Prisuta, Keisel signed a two-year, $3 million contract. What we don’t know is the signing bonus that Keisel received as part of that $3 million, but being as he earned a base salary of $2.825 million in 2013, it would make sense that he would at least want $2 million guaranteed this year and that would mean he received a $1 million signing bonus and a $1 million base salary in 2014.

If those numbers and structure wind up sticking, Keisel’s cap charge in 2014 would be $1.5 million. I cant see it being any higher than that. In case you’re curious, the minimum base salary that Keisel can earn in 2014 is $955,000.

The amount of the signing bonus given to Keisel is the key here and I will pass that along to you as we know exactly what it is.

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