Friday Night Five Questions On Cut Down Eve

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 preseason is now mercifully over following their 10-0 loss Thursday night to the Carolina Panthers at Heinz Field and with the roister cuts due up next, here are five questions I hope that you will take time to answer on this quiet Friday evening.

Thank you in advance for your participation and I hope you all have a great and safe long holiday weekend.

1. With the start of the regular season now just a little more than a week away, do you think the Steelers will get an extension worked out with cornerback Cortez Allen prior to then?

2. Will veteran defensive end Brett Keisel play more or less than 600 snaps in 2014?

3. True or False: The Steelers will be 2-1 after Week 3 of the regular season. If false, what will their record be.

4. Jordan Zumwalt or Dan Molls and why?

5. What one player will the Steelers keep on their final 53 man roster that you wish they wouldn’t and why?

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