Pouncey Twins Birthday ‘Bash’ Victims Face Skepticism Over Accusations

It didn’t take long for the alleged victims of a Pouncey brothers melee to take their grievances to court, as the trio of self-described socialites filed a joint suit against Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey, his brother Mike Pouncey, and the nightclub that hosted the twins’ birthday celebration for failing to protect its patrons from “foreseeable criminal activity”.

The three all immediately took to social media to exhaustively chronicle the ordeal they’d just gone through, and naturally created hashtags for themselves seeking “justice” for having fallen victim to the drunken violence of these large athletes.

Evidently, justice comes in the form of money, in excess of $15,000, for an incident for which there as of yet appears to be no witnesses that corroborate the story of the plaintiffs, and for which there is yet to be any news regarding surveillance footage.

For the time being, it doesn’t appear as though there are many who buy into the plaintiffs’ arguments outside of their own socialite circles and Instagram and Twitter followers.

There seems to be good reason for that in light of a lack of evidence that the incident occurred as they claim, though visual evidence does confirm their injuries, including but not limited to broken teeth and lacerations requiring stitches.

The three claim that the Pounceys and their supposed security detail harassed the male plaintiff with derogatory homophobic remarks before pushing him out of the way, after which the security detail of the twins proceeded to continue the assault.

When the primary female plaintiff attempted to intervene, she was reportedly punched in the face and knocked unconscious, while the other female plaintiff was merely the victim of being in the wrong vicinity at the time of the incident.

Even though this story came out yesterday, the Steelers media seemed to have no interest whatsoever in discussing the matter, indicating to perceived frivolity of the lawsuit.

Pouncey spoke to the media for a few minutes yesterday without having to address a single question about his birthday bash earlier in the month. As it rightfully should until evidence indicates otherwise, the story was about his returning to the field after missing almost all of last season with a torn ACL.

The plaintiffs may find that they face an uphill battle at least in the court of public opinion, as their preferred lifestyle leads many to believe that they are deliberately seeking to create drama and attention and to profit from it.

It’s not inconceivable that at least some aspect or another of their claim can be corroborated by surveillance video, though even that will certainly not paint a complete picture. And then again, as far as punishment is concerned, the league doesn’t seem to find visual evidence all that compelling to begin with in light of recent events.

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