Are Live Football Film Rooms The Next Big Thing?

If you enjoy learning about the X’s and O’s of football as much as I do, I hope that you tuned into the Film Room broadcast on ESPN News during the Monday night BCS National Championship game between the Florida State Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers as college coaches Steve Addazio, Paul Chryst and Kevin Sumlin did an excellent job of breaking down the game as it happened with ESPN’s Matt Millen, Chris Spielman and Tom Luginbill.

While the Film Room part of the “Megacast” certainly can be improved on with maximized views of the All-22 and less Millen, it was a hit with fans and hopefully just the start of the next big thing when it comes to an interactive game experience.

So, now that our taste buds have experienced such sensory overload, maybe Fox Sports will follow suit with something similar to it during Super Bowl XLVIII. Could you imagine having a few head coaches or coordinators that played against the two opposing teams during the regular season sitting around and breaking down the biggest game of the year as it happened? I know that I would certainly be tuned in for it even given the opportunity.

What about moving past this season? Is this something that we could look forward to every Sunday? Of course it wouldn’t include coaches that have jobs, but there are plenty of out of work college and pro head coaches that would more than likely be up for such a gig. It wouldn’t have to be every game to start with, but Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games could certainly be handled one would think.

We live in a very interactive world and you can bet that if this is what the fans want, the networks will give it to them and find away to monetize through advertising or paid subscriptions.

In case you missed the Film Room broadcast, you will be able to watch the re-air of it Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m. ET on ESPNU.

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