New Video Angle Even More Damning For Steelers Mike Tomlin As Far As Intent Goes

Steelers Mike Tomlin Ravens Jacoby Jones Kickoff Return

KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh has released new video Monday of the Thursday night sideline incident that included Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin possibly interfering with Baltimore Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones and it further shows possible premeditated intent.

In the newly released end zone view of the return, Tomlin not only took a jump step to his right onto the playing field once Jones approached him, but also positioned himself right near the edge of the field after Jones started his return.

It has been speculated that Tomlin will be fined heavily for his actions and possibly suspended for a game as well. In addition, some have even suggested that the Steelers could lose a 2014 draft pick, but that might be pretty extreme.

The league is expected to rule on this by Wednesday at the latest.

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