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More Details Of The Lawsuit Against Steelers Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley Surface

By now, you all are likely aware that Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley and his wife Christine are being sued by a home builder who claims the couple reneged on million-dollar rent-to-own agreement. In addition, the Haley’s are also being accused of doing damage to the home in question.

Following up on the Tuesday report of WPXI-TV, Deadspin now not only has a copy of the email that Christine sent to the builder, but pictures of the damage done to the house as well as a copy of the lawsuit.

Reading through all of the facts, it certainly doesn’t look good for the Haley’s, who have filed a claim of their own against the builder. Both parties, however, have agreed to try to resolve their differences through a mediator and the outcome of that will certainly will be interesting.

At 0-4, the Steelers certainly don’t need a distraction such as this and it will be interesting to see if Haley answers questions regarding his legal situation when he talks to the media on Thursday. I doubt he will as his response will most certainly be that he’s not allowed to talk about it until the suit is resolved.

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