Steelers OC Todd Haley Being Sued For Backing Out Of Home Deal And Trashing House

According to WPXI-TV, Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley is being sued  by a home builder, who is accusing him of backing out of a million-dollar house deal. That’s not all, Haley is also being accused of trashing the home in question.

The station reports that investigator Rick Earle has obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed against Haley and his wife Christine and it includes photos of the trashed house.

Haley’s attorney told the station that both sides have agreed to have the dispute mediated.

The Steelers of course had no comment on the matter.

Haley cant seem to stay out of the news and an 0-4 start by the Steelers is only making matters worse. Should the Steelers lose Sunday to the New York Jets, things will only get worse for Haley.

I think Haley might just be the Allstate Mayhem guy.

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