2013 Draft

Somebody Needs To Get Steelers Rookie QB Landry Jones A Terrible Towel, Pronto!

The first OTA session of the 2013 season for the Pittsburgh Steelers will get underway on Tuesday and I sure do hope that somebody gets rookie quarterback Landry Jones a Terrible Towel during the week, and more importantly, explains the history of it to him. Why? According to an interview that Jones did last week at the 17th Annual NFLPA Rookie Premiere, he doesn\’t know much about the famed Myron Cope creation.

“Terrible Towel? I don’t know really much about the Terrible Towel, yet, but I\’m sure me and Whitney (Jones\’ wife) will get one, and I think she\’ll be in the stands swinging it with all the other Steelers fans,” said Jones when asked about it by Theresa Villano of Pro Player Insider’s

Ah, don\’t you just love rookies? I guess we can forgive Jones because he\’s still kind of new, but even so, hasn\’t he been a Steeler for three weeks now, and wouldn\’t you think that he would at least own a Terrible Towel by now?

I have a feeling that Steelers PR man Burt Lauten will read this post, and when he does, I hope that he gets to Jones before the rest of the media quizzes about this during the week. In the future, perhaps draft picks can be given a Terrible Towel, along with a pamphlet telling them the history of it, when they are given their draft day cap to put on following their selection by the Steelers. That\’s just a suggestion, Burt.

So what else did Jones have to say during the interview? Well, his favorite food is chicken-fried steak; his favorite line of clothing is Quicksilver, and if he could be a super hero, he would be a mix of The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, and Night Crawler. Sounds like somebody needs to get him down to Primanti Brothers and American Eagle Outfitters, and also rent him a copy of \’The Dark Knight Rises,\’ if you ask me. I wonder if he even knows who Terry Bradshaw is.

You can watch the entire interview that Jones did with Villano in the video below.

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