Steelers LB James Harrison The Illusionist?

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison doesn\’t seem to be too worked up about his contract situation with just a handful of days to go before the start of the new league. Instead of worrying about that, Harrison is trying to become the next David Blaine.

Harrison posted a video Friday on Facebook of himself trying to perform a magic trick that consisted of him making a quarter have two tails sides. The trick, as you will see in the video below, did not go so well. An illusionist is he is not.

So what else has Harrison been doing while his agent Bill Parise tries to get his future with the Steelers sorted out? He has been busy on Twitter giving away a ton of autographed memorabilia for starters. He also is apparently started his off-season training program out in Arizona once again.

Parise is trying his best to avoid a pay cut for his client. He would rather the Steelers restructure Harrison\’s contract instead, but doing that would push even more potential dead money into 2014.

Should Harrison not agree to a pay cut he would more than likely be released by Monday. That\’s right, the Steelers would effectively make over $5 million magically disappear from their 2013 salary cap by doing so. That\’s no illusion, that\’s math.

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