Report: Patriots Still Haven\’t Signed Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders To An Offer Sheet

Quite a few sites and major media outlets are wearing egg on their face Saturday morning concerning Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

Several hours ago we told you that there were conflicting reports from two Steelers beat writers concerning Sanders and an offer sheet. Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Sanders had a signed offer sheet from the New England Patriots following his Friday visit while Dale Lolley of the Washington Observer Reporter said in his report that Sanders left the Patriots without an offer sheet.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is now reporting Saturday morning via Twitter that the Patriots are still mulling over whether or not to sign Sanders to an offer sheet and that so far, no decision has been made and no offer sheet has been signed.

So there you go, unless Schefter is lying, Sanders still doesn\’t have an offer sheet and the several sites that reported he did, ought to consider firing those “sources” of theirs.

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