Steelers Offseason Business Transactions Will Likely Start Ramping Up Next Week

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us we can expect that the Pittsburgh Steelers will begin ramping up their offseason business transactions.

Currently the team has 51 players under contract for 2013. That number will need to grow to 90 by the time training camp rolls around. 7 or 8 of those players will be draft picks and a good 10 to 15 more will likely be undrafted free agents. That means the rest of the numbers will be made up of free agents that are re-signed and futures players.

The Steelers have been signing futures players all offseason, but I expect a few more, specifically a few running backs and offensive linemen, will be signed over the course of the next few weeks now that the Steelers have their new offensive line coach in place.

It was one year ago Friday that the Steelers started their offseason terminations as Bryant McFadden and Arnaz Battle both had their contracts terminated. It was also a year ago Thursday that we learned the contract of LaMarr Woodley had been restructured in addition. A few other restructure announcements came along a short time after.

The business season has arrived and we could see some movement as soon as Monday or Tuesday of next week.

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