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Steelers 2013 Draft Analysis: Inside Linebacker – Early Look At The Rankings

Christopher DiMarino

This article continues along with my pre combine look at key positions for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have made some changes compared to the first articles. I eliminated NFLDraftScout because it was identical to CBS, and I replaced it with DraftInsider. I want to reiterate how it works, NFL and ESPN combine to give us the player ranking (out of 100) and CBS and DraftTek combine to give us the draft position. The approximate draft round is an average that I do by eye comparing all of the values for all of the sites. Finally, I want to remind everyone that no site is perfect but it is important to get other opinions. DraftTek might make some bold and (sometimes ridiculous) claims, but they offer an in depth look at the draft so I find it worthwhile to consider. Finally, not all players are ideal prospects for this position, but I wanted to be cautious and include them just in case.

Inside linebacker is a very interesting position for the Steelers. Just one full season ago, James Farrior decided to retire and threw this position in jeopardy. This decision wasn\’t a surprise, but it was becoming quickly clear that the Steelers did not have a replacement to captain this defense. Larry Foote had a remarkable season filling in for him, but is also getting up there in age and might not be brought back.  This position might not warrant an early pick, but you need to consider that whoever plays this position could end up being the signal caller for the defense.

Name School Class Height Weight Rank Round Position
Kevin Minter LSU rJr 6\’1 245 87 late 1st 26
Manti Te\’o Notre Dame Sr 6\’2 255 90 late 1st 33
Jon Bostic Florida Sr 6\’1 246 65 4th 106
Nico Johnson Alabama Sr 6\’2 249 64 4th 108
Kiko Alonso Oregon rSr 6\’3 242 76 late 4th 127
Kevin Reddick North Carolina Sr 6\’2 246 76 late 4th 144
A.J. Klein Iowa State Sr 6\’1 246 51 5th 208
Bruce Taylor Virginia Tech rSr 6\’1 234 52 6th 218
Albert Rosette Nevada rSr 6\’2 245 15 7th 218
Vince Williams Florida State rSr 6\’1 247 29 7th 289

The chart shown below is all of the data I tabulated for you to get more insight into what these sites think about each player. A * means that this ranking was in a different category than the rest.

Name NFL.com ESPN CBS DraftTek Walterfootball Draft Insider
Score Score Pos Rk Ovr Rk Pos Rk Ovr Rk Pos Rk Ovr Rk Pos Rk Ovr Rk
Kevin Minter 84 90 1 34 1 17 3 1-2 3 1st
Manti Te\’o 87.5 92 2 37 2 28 2 1-2 2 1st
Jon Bostic 62.2 68 3 102 4 110 6 3-3 4 3rd
Nico Johnson 64.7 64 4 116 3 99 7 4-5 8 5th
Kiko Alonso 67.1 84 5 131 5 123 5 3-4 7* 3rd
Kevin Reddick 71.5 81 6 137 7 150 4 2-3 5 4th
A.J. Klein 56.3 46 7 166 10 249 8 4-5 6 5th
Bruce Taylor 63.9 41 9 226 9 209 10 4-6 9 6th
Albert Rosette 0 30 10 249 8 186 N/A FA N/A FA
Vince Williams 0 57 8 205 15 373 11 5-7 38* FA

* OLB ranking

With all of the information out there, at least a baseline is established for future conversation. I will try to break down this data before the combine, but if not, please give me an idea of who you like at ILB by commenting below. Please try to keep the discussion about the ILB position only for this post and I will continue thru the positions ASAP. Also, if you have any other sites that you think have thorough and insightful draft information, please post them below.








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