Steelers RB Jonathan Dwyer To Start Sunday Against The Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said on Tuesday during his press conference that Jonathan Dwyer will indeed be the starting running back this week against the Baltimore Ravens.

“He\’s been consistently the most productive guy,” said Tomlin. “I think we\’ve got a large enough body of work to be able to identify that at this point. Obviously he has been working in less than ideal circumstances with the rotation and shuffling of those guys due to lack of health and lack of production, but over the course of the last several weeks, it\’s obvious that he – 1A: is healthy and 2: is the most productive of the group.”

“So he\’ll start and get the bulk of the carries and the other guys will supplement him in some form or fashion based on the situation and how we formulate a game plan.”

Tomlin refused to speculate what would happen if Dwyer fumbles on Sunday as he prefers not to deal in hypotheticals. The head coach would only say that fumbling is unacceptable.

Tomlin has made the right choice here in my opinion. Dwyer has indeed been the most productive and most consistent running back of the group. He has rushed for over 100 yards in both of his starts this season against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Washington Redskins and hopefully the coach gives him time Sunday against the Ravens to get into a rhythm.

More from the Tomlin presser shortly.

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