Ryan Clark Switching To New Helmet After Suffering Two Concussions In Past Three Games

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark announced on Wednesday that he has decided to change helmets after suffering two concussions in the past three games.

Clark will now wear the new Riddell Revolution Speed helmet that ranks highly in concussion testing. It is the same helmet that friend and fellow safety Troy Polamalu currently wears.

More and more players are switching to these style of helmets. Why? Obviously because they are safer. If that indeed is the case, and there is no reason to think differently, why isn\’t the league making it mandatory that all players wear a top rated helmet? Also, why aren\’t more players making the switch own their own? Could it be the coolness factor?

“It looks like a big moon helmet, you see it, it\’s terrible,” Clark said Wednesday via the Post-Gazette, holding up his new headgear. “Look how ugly it is and how big it is. It tested No. 1 in concussion tests. I changed the inside of it, hopefully, that helps.”

It is believed that Clark modified the helmet by adding Kevlar padding just like linebacker James Harrison has done to his helmet.

There are currently quite a few great videos that have surfaced regarding helmets as it relates to their safety and testing. Below is one such video that has been around a while and here is a link to a recent story and video done for

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