Why Dennis Dixon Was Eligible For The Baltimore Ravens Practice Squad

I received a few emails asking why former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon was eligible to be signed to the practice squad of the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, so I thought I would drop a quick post on it so it would clarify it for all.

The CBA states in regard to practice squad eligibility:

(a) The practice squad shall consist of the following players, provided that they have not served more than two previous seasons on a Practice Squad: (i) players who do not have an Accrued Season of NFL experience; and (ii) free agent players who were on the Active List for fewer than nine regular season games during their only Accrued Season(s). An otherwise eligible player may be a practice squad player for a third season only if the Club by which he is employed that season has at least 53 players on its Active/Inactive List
during the entire period of his employment.

(b) A player shall be deemed to have served on a Practice Squad in a season if he has passed the club’s physical and been a member of the club’s Practice Squad for at least three regular season or postseason games during his first two Practice Squad seasons, and for at least one regular season or postseason game during his third Practice Squad season. (A bye week counts as a game provided that the player is not terminated until after the regular season or postseason weekend in question.)

To illustrate this, I pulled the inactive list from the regular season games dating back to the time Dixon was on the Steelers roster. As you can see, during his accrued seasons Dixon was never on the active list for nine regular season games in one season.

1 Sun Houston Texans INACTIVE
2 Sun Cleveland Browns INACTIVE
3 Sun Philadelphia Eagles INACTIVE
4 Mon Baltimore Ravens INACTIVE
5 Sun Jacksonville Jaguars INACTIVE
6   Bye Week BYE
7 Sun Cincinnati Bengals INACTIVE
8 Sun New York Giants INACTIVE
9 Mon Washington Redskins INACTIVE
10 Sun Indianapolis Colts INACTIVE
11 Sun San Diego Chargers INACTIVE
12 Thu Cincinnati Bengals INACTIVE
13 Sun New England Patriots INACTIVE
14 Sun Dallas Cowboys INACTIVE
15 Sun Baltimore Ravens INACTIVE
16 Sun Tennessee Titans INACTIVE
17 Sun Cleveland Browns ACTIVE
1 Thu Tennessee Titans INACTIVE
2 Sun Chicago Bears INACTIVE
3 Sun Cincinnati Bengals INACTIVE
4 Sun San Diego Chargers INACTIVE
5 Sun Detroit Lions INACTIVE
6 Sun Cleveland Browns INACTIVE
7 Sun Minnesota Vikings INACTIVE
8   Bye Week BYE
9 Mon Denver Broncos INACTIVE
10 Sun Cincinnati Bengals INACTIVE
11 Sun Kansas City Chiefs INACTIVE
12 Sun Baltimore Ravens ACTIVE
13 Sun Oakland Raiders ACTIVE
14 Thu Cleveland Browns ACTIVE
15 Sun Green Bay Packers ACTIVE
16 Sun Baltimore Ravens ACTIVE
17 Sun Miami Dolphins ACTIVE
1 Sun Atlanta Falcons ACTIVE
2 Sun Tennessee Titans ACTIVE
3 Sun Tampa Bay Buccaneers INACTIVE
4 Sun Baltimore Ravens INJ RES
5   Bye Week BYE
6 Sun Cleveland Browns INJ RES
7 Sun Miami Dolphins INJ RES
8 Sun New Orleans Saints INJ RES
9 Mon Cincinnati Bengals INJ RES
10 Sun New England Patriots INJ RES
11 Sun Oakland Raiders INJ RES
12 Sun Buffalo Bills INJ RES
13 Sun Baltimore Ravens INJ RES
14 Sun Cincinnati Bengals INJ RES
15 Sun New York Jets INJ RES
16 Thu Carolina Panthers INJ RES
17 Sun Cleveland Browns INJ RES
1 Sun Baltimore Ravens INACTIVE
2 Sun Seattle Seahawks INACTIVE
3 Sun Indianapolis Colts INACTIVE
4 Sun Houston Texans INACTIVE
5 Sun Tennessee Titans ACTIVE
6 Sun Jacksonville Jaguars ACTIVE
7 Sun Arizona Cardinals INACTIVE
8 Sun New England Patriots INACTIVE
9 Sun Baltimore Ravens INACTIVE
10 Sun Cincinnati Bengals INACTIVE
11   Bye Week BYE
12 Sun Kansas City Chiefs INACTIVE
13 Sun Cincinnati Bengals INACTIVE
14 Thu Cleveland Browns INACTIVE
15 Mon San Francisco 49ers ACTIVE
16 Sat St. Louis Rams ACTIVE
17 Sun Cleveland Browns ACTIVE
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