NFL Trade Deadline Pushed Back To Week 8

In addition to the he NFL and NFLPA agreeing to pass the new 8 week injured reserve rule for one player on Thursday, they also agreed to move back the trade deadline, according to NFLPA spokesman George Atallah.

The trade deadline will now be moved back from Week 6 of the NFL season to the Tuesday following Week 8. This was done with hopes that it would generate more activity than there has been in years past, because teams will now have a better grasp of where they stand following Week 8 of the season than would after Week 7.

While the new IR rule is something the Pittsburgh Steelers will benefit from greatly, especially being as rookie right guard David DeCastro will be sidelined for a good while after suffering an injury to his right knee last Saturday, the trade deadline being moved back really is not a big deal. The Steelers are not a team that trades mid season as history has shown us.

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