Mike Tomlin: Coaches Q&A Clips

By Christopher DiMarino

I recently came across an interesting set of video clips on titled “Coaches Q&A“. In these clips you get a chance to hear what several head coaches think about differing situations in short responses. If you\’re like me, you can\’t get enough of hearing Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. The way he talks is part of it, but also the things he says. I feel that most times he answers questions that he\’s creatively dodging or dismissing the thought. But other times, the things he says make a lot of sense and he can communicate a fully developed idea in very few words. The kicker is that both responses from him sound exactly the same. Accordingly, I always love listening to Tomlin talk about anything.

As always, Tomlin has a few great lines. In particular, I\’ve quoted my top three.

“Talent is a prerequisite,” (on talent vs chemistry).

“A good Quarterback is one that is very good above the neck, has knowledge itself and consistently plays to his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses,” (on unorthodox Quarterbacks).

“Sometimes underhand when you\’re feeling really confident, you just wave it and drop it,” (on challenge flag etiquette).

Below I have linked specifically to the Tomlin clips.

Best Coaching Advice

Challenge Flag Etiquette

Talent Vs Chemistry

Tim Tebow & The Jets

Unorthodox Quarterbacks

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