Vince Young Confuses James Harrison With Rodney Harrison & Insinuates He Had Bounty On Him

What a crazy day it has been with the Bountygate discipline being passed out to the New Orleans Saints and wondering if Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets or not. The NFL Network has been all over the happenings today with great wall to wall coverage of both of those stories, but slipped up later in the afternoon when they had free agent quarterback Vince Young on. Remember that knucklehead?

Rich Eisen was chatting with Young about the Tebow trade and was then asked what he thought about being a quarterback in the league, who might have been targeted in a bounty. The ever so eloquent Young replied, “Yeah it\’s very disturbing to hear certain things like that. From seeing the playoff game and Brett Favre and the hits he took. I even got dunked on my head playing Pittsburgh. Rodney Harrison dunked me on my head. You don\’t want to think that these types of things are going on, but as the news is putting these things out there, these things are happening. They must stop, definitely, because we don\’t want anybody to get hurt. Definitely the nature of the game, when you put your shoulder pads on and helmet, you have a 50/50 chance of getting hurt. If these type of things are happening, it\’s very bad for the game.

Are you kidding me? Hey Vince, that was James Harrison and not Rodney Harrison that dunked you on your head and trust me when I say that a bounty was not on your head. The last thing the Steelers wanted to do was to knock your sorry ass out of the game. You managed to do that with your own play and Kerry Collins almost got you off the hook. Harrison was fined $5,000 for dumping you on your head and it is too bad it didn\’t knock any sense into you.

Shame on the NFL Network for reaching this low for guest analyst. I suppose Pacman Jones already had prior commitments.

Thanks for the heads up from Michael Moore on Twitter.

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