2011 Salary Cap

Colbert Says Steelers In Salary Cap Compliance & No More Terminations Expected

Steelers Director of Football Operations Kevin Colbert was on ESPN 970 this morning and host Stan Savarn asked Colbert point blank if the Steelers were in cap compliance right now and what would happen if the union would ratify today. It is just as I explained in my previous post that they have not submitted the restructures yet and have yet to make a few of the re-signings official. As I also mentioned, you will see a flurry of moves either today or Friday and they should not include a veteran being released in a cap cutting move. What you will see, is a handful of the undrafted players released to accommodate a few players that are not yet officially re-signed. That should be it along with the agreed restructured deals they have in place.

Below is the question and answer.

Stan Savarn: Are you in cap compliance right now or if the union should ratify and you\’re all set to go are there moves you actually have to make within the next four and a half hours?

Kevin Colbert: No. I think that most of the terminations that we had to do are done at this point. Of course there will be some roster adjustments from people that weren\’t under contract that would then count against your 90 and they hadn\’t been counting previously so we have to make roster adjustments, but no cap adjustments from a move standpoint. We can handle the rest of that with re-negotiations.

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