2011 Salary Cap

Calming The Panic Of The Steelers Still Being Over The Salary Cap

Steeler Nation is panicking this morning over the tweet by Adam Schefter that the Steelers are still roughly $11 million over the salary cap. The reason why that number is so high is presumably because the Steelers have not made the restructures official of players like Ben Roethlisberger, James Harrison, Chris Kemoeatu, Brett Keisel and Heath Miller. Had these players signed their restructures, they would not have been allowed to practice until the proposed date of the new ratified CBA, which is still scheduled to take place today at some point.

In addition, the only re-signings the Steelers have announced so far are Ike Taylor, Shaun Suisham, Willie Colon and Jonathan Scott along with all of their draft picks and undrafted free agents. The Steelers have the number well under control and you will see a flurry of transactions take place likely today to get compliant with the $123.4 million dollar salary cap number.

I feel if the Steelers still thought they needed to make another cut of a veteran, they would have given that player the courtesy and done so earlier than today, but that is just my speculation. There should be no panic as Omar Khan has it all under control.

ETA: Schefter has now since tweeted that the Steelers are only $8.5 million over the cap. See how I stopped the panic and the number is already going lower.

ETA 2: Alby Oxenreiter reports that indeed the Steelers have until 4p.m. Friday to be cap compliant and like me, he does not think another high-priced veteran will need to be released.

ETA 3: Kevin Colbert was on with Stan Savran a short time ago and he says they have made all the moves needed to be cap compliant.

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